1) What is the difference between feedr and animalnexus?

feedr is an R package for loading, cleaning, transforming and visualizing data collected on individual movements to and from static stations, especially RFID data.

animalnexus is a webapp that allows users to apply functions from feedr to their data without have to use or even install R. If you have feedr installed on your computer, you can run this webapp locally from R using the function animalnexus(). However you will not have database access.

2) I need help!

Check out:

3) I have a function I wrote in R that would be useful, how can I get involved?

Contact Stefanie LaZerte, or make a pull request on github we’d love to include your function!

4) I don’t know anything about R, can I still get involved?

Absolutely, there are many ways to get involved:

5) Is my data secure if I share it?

For a given value of secure, yes. If you choose to share your data for visualizations only, you data won’t be available for download and users won’t be able to access the raw data.

However, our system is not the kind of secure system you would expect from banks or online stores. This means that if someone were to maliciously attempt to grab your data from our site, they might succeed. We believe that this is unlikely, but if your data must be absolutely secure, we don’t recommend sharing it with us.

6) Is this a cloud hosting service for my data?

No. The purpose of the animalnexus database is to share data for scientific or educational purposes. It is not a data backup service.

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